317 North Henson Street
PO Box 9 Lake City, CO 81235
Ph. 970-944-2225 Fax 970-944-2202
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Located downstairs in the Hinsdale County Courthouse
The Hinsdale County Clerk can assist you with:
Voter Registration
Vehicle Title and Registration
Election Information
Marriage Licenses
Liquor Licenses for the County of Hinsdale
Joan Roberts
Laura Palmisano
Deputy Clerk
Hinsdale County Clerk's Office
You can now search County Documents online at iCounty.org for
a fee.  Daily, Monthly, and Yearly subscriptions are available.  
iCounty.org is a trusted and official contractor for the Hinsdale
County Clerk.

Visit iCounty.org and sign-up as a new user.  Search on your
time, when you need it-- wherever you are in the world.

Records are still available to be physically searched by anyone
able to visit the Clerks office during normal office hours.
Search County Documents Online
Election Information
All elections are now conducted by mail.
For questions about receiving a ballot, call Hinsdale County at
944-2225 and select the clerk's extension.
Letter: ¢.25 per page
Legal: ¢.50 per page
Plats: $5.00 per page
$13.00 for the first page and $5.00 each additional page
(Per Doccument)
Documentary Fee:
¢.01 per $100.00 of purchase price if sale is over $500
Agreement Filings:
$5.00 per page up to legal size.
$10.00 per page over legal size.
Faxing Fees:
$3.00 first three pages.
$1.00 each additional page.
E-Mailing Fees:
$3.00 first three pages.
$1.00 each additional page.
Marriage Licence
Mailing Expenses:
Actual postage costs.
Fee Schedule
Fees listed below reflect new recording fees
to begin January 1, 2017